With sustainably sourced forest and renewable energy products.


With our Indigenous partners, we create generational wealth.


Planting seeds of opportunities in rural areas.


Inspired by the endless possibilities of wood.

bioenergy producer Peak Renewables

In partnership with Indigenous communities, our team of innovative thinkers, create, plan and develop renewable resource projects to create social and economic prosperity for rural communities. Today, Peak solutions are found in the construction sector. Tomorrow, our renewable energy innovations will help to mitigate climate change.

Renewable resource projects have a positive impact on our communities.

Our Commitments: 


We care about the impact our activities have on the physical world. For this reason, we adhere to the strictest resource management guidelines found across the world.

Partnership With Indigenous Peoples

We build partnerships with Indigenous communities. This keeps the benefits of a forest economy local while protecting the environment and Traditional Indigenous values.

Growing Local Communities

Our goal, quite simply, is to create more jobs. By focusing on projects that support sustainable growth without compromising future generations, communities can flourish.


Our projects demonstrate our commitment to economic sustainability for our communities. Together with our key stakeholders, we will build strong companies and create jobs for today and the future. We approach land-use planning, resource development and environmental stewardship in collaboration with our Indigenous communities.