Peak Renewables is dedicated to working towards growing strong relationships and partnerships within the communities we get the pleasure of working in.

We acknowledge and respect the sovereignty and inherent rights of our current and future Indigenous partners; we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to involve and work with the numerous First Nations groups that spread the breadth of our business footprint.   Our goal is involvement through every facet of our business inclusive of equity ownership, contracting and employment opportunities as well as advocacy for their right to own and supply needed resources to our projects.  

At Peak Renewables, our priority is to develop a sustainable, responsible, and efficient approach to the forestry sector by integrating knowledge and a new way of looking at forestry development from our Indigenous partners and those that live and enjoy the land where our business takes place.

Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN)

Peak Renewables is honoured to work with the Fort Nelson First Nation in their territory. Our shared involvement in the governance and operation of Peak Renewables will strengthen the local economy by providing long-term jobs and spin-off economic activities. The business model follows the FNFN Land Management Framework to ensure long-term forestry plans are developed and important traditional areas are protected. As partners, we will work towards providing forestry sector jobs and economic prosperity for the community, while protecting the land, water and wildlife.

“The Peak Renewables partnership will mean that our people will be owning forestry opportunities here in FNFN territory. The partnership represents a major step for our nation and our members. We expect the partnership to keep the benefits of our forest economy local and in our control, while doing forestry in a way that protects traditional values. This project will bring much needed jobs and contracts for our members while also establishing a solid economic foundation for FNFN’s forestry business.”

  • Chief Sharleen Gale – (Photo Credit – Alaska Highway News)
chief sharleen gale of the fort nelson first nation